The Trials of Klahad of the Abyss - The original, circa 2005.

Long ago,
in the year of 2005 AD, a graphic novel event of epic proportions was unleashed upon the internet. Children were born, elderly were buried, and flowers bloomed. For this comic would be the harbinger of many great things.

Ironicially enough, it was. . . not so great.

For the first time on the internet (since 2006), read the entire original issue of "The Trials of Klahad of the Abyss". Presented for the first time consistantly, and digitally remastered** from the Japanese film masters***.

The Trials of Klahad of the Abyss
The Man They Called a Patriot
Originally released April, 2005
by Timothy B. Bower and Joshua "P" Teixeira

**By digitally remastered, we mean, not digitally remasted
*** There were no Japanese film masters. More deceit.

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