The Trials of Klahad of the Abyss - The Pilot.

A little history on this piece takes us to the original "production" of the current issue 1 and 2 of "Klahad", back in November - January of 2006-'07. We had hoped to have Klahad begin internet serialization by February, but a delay in Tim's tablet put us in a tough spot. Everything up til the inking was done on issue's 1 and 2, so it was just a matter of equippment. Getting impatient to get the comic hosted, and a proper site built on time for February, we put together this little pilot in hopes a host would take to it. It didn't work.

Week later, we had the finished version of issue 1, and we got our hosting. But we eventually "remade" this into the 1 1/2 special of "Klahad", by the same name. But here is the original version. . for anyone who cares.

The Trials of Klahad of the Abyss
Klahad and the Great Cop-Out! (aka The Pilot)
Finished January, 2007
by Timothy B. Bower and Joshua "P" Teixeira

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